Our databases may be  equipped with visual components which can graphically display the position of an item on a floor plan, a shelf or large racking system.  This enables the user not to just find an item but also see exactly where the items are.

In addition, a photograph of the item or contents of a container may be displayed.

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Databases are based on Microsoft SQL Server and may be hosted on your company servers or on a secure server in a data center.

Applications may also be equipped with a local SQL Database to ensure off line availability of data, which can be synchronized with the on line database when on line availability is possible.


Equipment Position
Floor Plan

Our Database shows you exactly in which building and on which floor and exactly where on the floor your asset is.


Show Meeting Room Table 2

Meeting Room Table

And a picture of your asset

Tags may also be made live for example a light zone, showing whether the light is on or off.  The light may also be remotely switched on or off.


Storage Area.  When clicked on the contents of the storage area may be listed.  Alternatively, looking for an item, the Building, Floor and location on the floor will be graphically shown.